Mac Mini – What’s Next?

I know the machine has yet to ship (January 22 if you are counting down) but perhaps there are additional Mac Minis in queue…Considering the focus of this site, I think an A/V model would be a wise move.

The A/V edition would likely include a greater amount of RAM to start (probably 512MB base), Audio and Video In, a second Firewire port and Digital Audio Out. A slightly wider case might even be capable of handling the heat dissipation requirement of a G5… perhaps even two. While you can certainly take video in today through the use of the firewire port and an application for capture, I was thinking this would be more along the lines of an MPEG2 (or MPEG4) encoded so you could convert the Mini into a DVR if you so desired. This of course raises all sorts of additional complexities dealing with access to your broadcast feeds… and something for another post.

These additions would certainly raise the price but the form factor and additional requirements to reside in the living room could all easily be met. Apple has the brand and the product to create a tiered system to allow for a variety of theater uses, I say bring it on!

— Jonathan Greene

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