The Future is Small

Seeing the Mac Mini for the during the MacWorld Keynote got me immediately thinking of home theater. I was glad when I saw Bryan’s initial post (at Home Theater Blog) on the Mini so similar to my own and I think that’s what drew us together on this adventure. Already we’ve heard about the Mac Mini getting installed in cars and there is a forum dedicated to the development of a standard media center user experience.

The Mac Mini is primarily targeted at PC users with iPods by all accounts, but the Mac (OK and PC) enthusiasts are jumping at the chance to purchase a low cost Mac we all know to be a highly capable, multimedia focused system. Initial critiques of no digital audio out and a lower than desired based RAM standard are easily passed by with some creative thinking and of course a few extra dollars. My current brainstorm as I’ve noted elsewhere includes the following components:

Current Plan

  • Mac Mini – Faster model, but just 512MB…debating on super drive needs, it might just be nice to have the option.
  • Apple composite/S-Video adapter – direct to my 34″ Toshiba HDTV via Composite Connection
  • M-Audio Transit to enable digital audio out to my stereo
  • Griffin just came out with the Firewave which is another digital surround sound option
  • iTunes for Audio – nice!
  • I can either use the eyehome for video playback or instead just go with VLC, Quicktime or Mplayer. Pop in a DVD and it’s on!
  • I just discovered a great new remote from Macally that allows for remote mousing as well as simple App control.

The Mac Mini may just be the first machine in a line of consumer electronics focused computers — those that easily fit in the living room, get cleared by the wife approval factor, and of course are as reliable as your current stereo components. I look forward to brainstorming ideas on how we can take advantage of this great machine together. The adventure is just beginning!

— Jonathan Greene

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