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Macworld provides some good background reading on the Mac Mini to scratch your itch until it’s finally installed in your theater. It’s just a preview, but good info for those of us not fortunate enough to have seen one in person at the MacWorld Expo.

You can always purchase your Mac Mini from Amazon today!

— Jonathan Greene

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  1. Joe Anstett Says:

    When I saw the mini and thought about the size, quiet operation, and slot drive, I too thought HTPC!

    I’ve resisted buying a Mac but I might bite on the Mini and maybe get a 2nd for HTPC. I’m a PC guy but I enjoy cross-platform development (Windows, Linux) and I have had a Mac at my desk (along with other computers) 2 jobs in a row. I think I’m finally getting over my Apple-hatred that dates back to the Apple II days (I was an Atari guy).

    The first obvious question is — SPDIF? How can I get an SPDIF connection, preferably coax, out of this thing?

    Second question, regarding upconversion of DVDs. I have a 61″ Samsung DLP set (1280×720) and WinDVD does a pretty good job of upconverting. How about the Apple DVD player or any 3rd party players, how good a job do they do?

    Really all I will be giving up is the handfull of Windows Media HD discs I bought.

  2. Jonathan Greene Says:

    As far as digital audio goes you’ll have to use an external device. The two we’ve been tracking are both about $100.

    M-Audio makes a nice looking device called the Transit which you can find here –

    Griffin Technologies just announced the FireWave which you can find here

    We have to try either of these in our “labs” but I’m hopeful for some demo units…

    As far as video… The Mac Mini’s DVI connector can do up to 1920 x 1200 pixels so I think it should suit your need just fine.

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