Mossberg Digs the Mini

Walk Mossberg reviews the Mac Mini (should now work) this week in the WSJ. While there’s no mention of Mac Home Theater, I thought readers would still be interested in this pre-purchase approval. He comes away generally pleased, though recommends doubling the RAM and keeping things off the top if you plan to be using the drive as it may actually cause it to jam.

I had not actually considered that the drive would be sensitive to weight from above, but considering the similarities to notebooks inside, it’s not surprising that might be an issue. In my experience with PowerBooks, I’ve found you can cause some “spin cycle” noise effects if you press a bit too much while a disc is in action.

Mossberg also notes that based on his mailbag, many PC users are looking to make the switch. In the few days since we’ve gone live there are quite a few of you accessing from Windows as well… Could the Mini be the perfect switcher?

— Jonathan Greene

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