Retail Mac Minis in short supply

storeWell if the first day of retail sales for the Mini, are any indication of projected sales, I’d say Apple will do quite well with the Mini. I called both my local stores, one was sold out completely and the other had three 1.25’s left, none with additional options. So in a little less than 5 hours they basically sold through their entire supply. I’m not crazy about waiting but at least I do still have my on-line order in the pipe-line. How about you guys? Have your local Apple stores sold their allotments?


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  1. Jonathan Greene Says:

    No options on any and no word on when they would be able to install…. but the Albany Apple store at Crossgates (where I spent about an hour today) had quite a few – at least a dozen.

    They had zero iPod shuffles btw.

  2. Chris Says:

    I’m holding out on getting one for a bit longer. I figure I’ll let you all work out the revision one hardware kinks and I’ll pick one up around revision two or three.

    That and I have a hard time justifying spending $500 at the moment, when my Tivo works well enough for my PVR needs and I’m still experimenting with Mac PVR stuff on my aging, but beautiful, PowerMac G4.

  3. Scott Says:

    The Plano, TX store was sold out before noon.

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