The long grueling wait

hourglassOh the waiting, is it “On or before February 15th” yet? I just wanted to point out a few things to those of you considering a Mac mini. (1) If your relativity sure you’re going to purchase one, stop procrastinating. The Mini’s that were sold right after the keynote are already gone, my order placed just four days later, may ship as late as February 15th, given the popularity of the Mini these long delays aren’t likely to subside until the spring. With Target and other retailers on board and ‘stock’ Mini’s likely being produced by quota rather than pre-ordering, the quickest way to get yours might be to go for the vanilla off the shelf version’s.

(2) If you’re debating on whether you want to add additional memory and get yours through the Apple store, keep in mind that if you’re halfway competent with up-grading PC’s, you can likely save some time and money by getting a ‘stock’ model and upgrading the memory yourself.

(3) Bluetooth, D-Link makes a USB 2.0/Bluetooth adaptor for under $50.00, again possibly saving you from waiting on an upgraded Mini. (4) The internal Airport Extreme card, this ones a little harder to recommend skipping, if your intent on your Mini having wireless abilities. As for myself my Mini will go into our ‘entertainment’ area and I have a hardwired LAN connection ready and waiting for it. But if you think your Mini might need wireless capabilities the Airport card from Apple does make a lot of sense, after all how many attachments do you want hanging out the back of this thing anyway?

Now don’t take any of my thoughts here negatively towards the Apple store, if you can hold out, and haven’t found another viable avenue to purchase yours, by all means go with the Apple store, these comments are mainly targeted to the impatient set, of which I am a card carrying member.


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  1. Jonathan Greene Says:

    I got so pumped today when I got a shipping notification from Apple, but then discovered it was for my APPLE DVI TO VIDEO ADAPTER… damn. The wait goes on!

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