Mac Mini upgrades, price drop

Remember when I said ‘stop procrastinating’ if you were planning on ordering a Mini? Well Kudos to you if you ignored me, sort of. Apple recently cut the prices on Mini upgrades, making the Mac mini an even more attractive package than before. The Bluetooth and AirPort Extreme combo option now goes for $99 ($129 before), the 1GB DDR333 SDRAM upgrade is now $325 ($475 before, this one bit the most), the 80GB ultra ATA hard drive upgrade now goes for $50 ($80 before) and last but not least the ‘Superdrive’ option now includes a 8x drive instead of the prior 4x model, the price however remains the same.

Now these upgrades from apple are starting to make a lot more sense, previous ‘suggestions’ of frugality when up-grading, are withdrawn.


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  1. Scott Says:

    There’s one more upgrade to wait on before rushing out to buy that mini: the OS. With the next OS release supposedly imminent, might as well wait until it’s included with the mini rather than having to pay another $130 to get it (of course, they could be sports and provide the upgrade for free for mini purchasers since they know everyone bought their minis recently).

  2. Eli Sarver Says:

    Actually, Apple already have a plan in place for just such a situation. When one buys an Apple system, there is a window to the next OS upgrade into which the mini may fall.

  3. Eric Says:

    Has anyone tried calling apple to see if your recently placed BTO mini will get the superdrive upgrade and if you get a credit back? I placed my order through a local reseller so I can’t track… 🙁

  4. Jonathan Greene Says:

    I was very pleased to get an email confirming the reduction in my price…I had added it all!

  5. Josh Says:

    Yep, just got an email from Apple saying they would refund my credit card to honour the new pricing.
    And due for shipment on or before 28th Jan. Woot!

  6. Eric Says:

    Great… Too bad they didn’t make the super-drive Dual-Layer… ;(

  7. Jonathan Greene Says:

    Keep in mind if you want to change an existing order as I did earlier today to include an upgrade based on price, you’ll be placed at the end of the line… again.

  8. Jonathan Horak Says:

    B.Greenway, your withdrawn suggestions of frugality can be reinstated: Apple to honor price difference on Mac Mini BTO price drops.

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