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I just discovered the G-PLAY Portable Media Player from G-TECH and it looks very similar to another product we recently noted, the LaCie Silverscreen. A key difference on the surface is the availability of a 100GB version when released in March of this year. Speaking of the surface, there is a beautiful enclosure which will certainly look nice seated next to your mini or any system you happen to connect it to. There is support for a wide array of media:

G-PLAY plays video formats including MPEG 1, MPEG 2 and MPEG 4 (DivX, DivX VOD, etc.). G-PLAY also plays your personal DVD movies (ISO format) as if they were playing from the original DVD at full quality and with full DVD functionality (with menus, fast forward, pause, etc.).

This is a very exciting product and I am definitely hoping we get to bring it in the labs for a closer look. Devices like this complete with TV-Based, remote controllable user interfaces can go a long way towards making your Mac media center a pleasure to deploy. When released the G-PLAY will come in 40GB ($259), 80GB ($329) and 100GB ($399) versions.

— Jonathan Greene

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  1. Paul's Time Sink Says:

    G-PLAY Portable Media Player
    It is a standard Media player that plays the standard MPEG 1, MPEG 2 and MPEG 4 video files; MP3 and WAV audio files; and displays JPG graphic files.

  2. Mike Krus Says:


    The TViX from DVico (http://www.tvix.co.kr/eng/) has been available for several months. I own a 160 Gb version and I am very happy with it. You can buy the smallest version and put your own 3.5″ disk…


  3. Mike Krus Says:

    I own a DVico TViX http://www.tvix.co.kr/eng/ the 160Gb version, works fine (although it’s an ugly beast compared to the LaCie disk or the one above)

  4. Diego Says:

    Many of these devices can not be used as a USB drive and connected to a TV simultaneously (ruling out any NAS bridged media server hopes). What’s the story on this one?

  5. Jonathan Greene Says:

    That’s a good question and one I unfortunately don’t have an answer on. I’d love to test this as well as the LaCie, but until they are actually available, it’s going to be tough to know for sure. I think they are designed to be connected solo to a TV as well as serving mass storage needs when connected to a computer.

  6. JUNIOR Says:

    G-Play 100GB version arrived today and …avoid, unfortunately. Does not seem to play VIDEO_TS files. Call into Tech Support so I’ll write again soon. Also why USB 2.0 and no Firewire support. Getting DVD files on this is slooow….

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