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matineeWhile Jonathan is whiling away the hours in total seclusion, hoarding his Mac mini all to himself, err wait I’m not bitter. Any way while we anxiously await his initial impressions, I thought another ‘useful software’ tip was in order. With the various Mac media center projects well underway, and promising a near one-stop solution for Mac home theater integration, undoubtedly one of the first hiccups a budding new Mac user will encounter while waiting on these packages, is how to launch a ripped DVD, without manually selecting all of the various _TS files in the folder.

Surely some of the more advanced users have already overcome this little annoyance through scripting, but those new to the Mac may be after something simpler. Not to worry Matinee – VIDEO_TS Launcher to the rescue. This little app really couldn’t be simpler, just navigate Matinee to your DVD directory it will then display a list of all the various DVD’s, and with one click you can launch them in Apple’s DVD Player. Sometimes the best apps are so simple they belie their real usefulness, while selecting all of the files manually might not seem much of a chore, once all of the still in development Mac HT front ends make their way out into our fervent hands, apps like these may serve as ‘off the self’ bridge’s to common launch and playback problems.


5 Responses to “Matinee VIDEO_TS Launcher”

  1. Zeno Says:

    You can do this within VLC.
    Launch VLC, hit Command-D, select the “VIDEO_TS folder” radio button and choose your VIDEO_TS folder, then click OK 😉

  2. MIghtyDave Says:

    You can also do this with OS X’s DVD Player app. File > Open Video_TS Folder …

    I posted on my site of this solution for my Mac mini set up. Super easy. Though the interface on Matinee looks pretty nice too. I may be switching!

  3. B.Greenway Says:

    Sure you can do this with VLC, but I was really speaking to those that have never used a Mac much less VLC. lol you guys don’t really count as novices.

  4. Abraham Says:

    I know you can open VIDEO_TS folders directly from inside That is part of how Matinee works. But say you want to watch your movie at full screen and with the controller hidden. After you open your movie with you have to go back inside the menu bar to sets these preferences (new users aren’t going to know the hot keys).

    Or, you can set these preferences once in Matinee and it will do that for you every time you launch a movie. The interface of Matinee is small and is designed to be parked some where on your desktop for quick use so if you want to change movies you hit one button and go back to what you were doing.

    It may not be for you. It does only work with (currently). But is is free, easy to use and has over 6,200 satisfied users.

  5. MIghtyDave Says:

    Hey – don’t get me wrong. I downloaded the app and am using it – It’s great! It’s now a part of my Mac mini home theater set up. I was just mentioning the fact you could open a video_ts folder with DVD Player app – which is better than choosing severl video ts files and playing them.

    This app will definitely be a hit. No doubt about it.

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