Mini Arrives!!

Well – I’ve been dying waiting and when I discovered that Tekserve a local Mac shop had the mini in stock, I immediately ran out and picked it up. I’ve been seriously regretting not ordering mine as soon as it was announced. My Apple BTO system is still not even scheduled to ship until 2/22. That will get cancelled shortly so some lucky person will be moving up at least one place in line…

Tekserve was able to upgrade the units they have in stock to offer a variety of configurations. Mine is the faster model, with 512MB RAM, Bluetooth and Superdrive. I also picked up the Keyspan Remote and M-Audio Sonica to connect it all. I also have the Apple wireless mouse and keyboard all waiting. More to follow once I get it all going!

— Jonathan Greene

3 Responses to “Mini Arrives!!”

  1. Zeno Says:

    Great news Jonathan! you did the right think!

  2. MIghtyDave Says:

    Congrats – can’t wait to read about your setup.

  3. B.Greenway Says:

    woot woot, jealous but happy. Mines apparently still on some dock in Shenzhen China

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