DVI to Component Video – Strike One!

Well the DVi to Component adapter I ordered from Cyberguys arrived today and I attempted to connect it quite a few times. No dice, period. After some calls to Apple, ATI and Cyberguys I discovered that it won’t work at all on the mini to to the type of DVI connector. There are actually a few types of DVI and Dual Link is simply beyond the capabilities of this little machine. A G5 connected to a 30″ flat panel is where Apple hooks you up in case you were wondering.

The Cyberguys adapter is an ATI product after-all and clearly does NOT list our Radeon 9200 card as supported – though I did not even check that until today.

So – Anyone know of a good connector?

— Jonathan Greene

Have you ordered your Mac mini yet?

8 Responses to “DVI to Component Video – Strike One!”

  1. Troy G Says:

    You might want to check out these little bad boys…


    All-in-all, I think you’re going to have a challenge connecting your Mac to component inputs. I’m a Mac-guy at heart, but I’m building my HTPC with Windows XP MCE. That side of the house is much further along the HTPC path, and I’m still having issues – though slowlying figuring them out. Good luck, though!!!

  2. Jonathan Greene Says:

    Thanks – I’ve ordered a cable I hope will make the connection… http://www.ramelectronics.net/html/hdtv-cables.html#hd15rgb

    If the basic cable does not work I’ve been looking at that Audio Authority product.

  3. Greg Says:

    I’m curious if the cable from ramelectronics will work. Please keep us posted as there are many many people out there interested in DVI to Component conversion w/out having to spend “half-a-mini” on it.

  4. Mac HTPC - The Mac Mini HTPC Says:

    DVI to Component Video – Strikes 2 and 3!
    As I previously mentioned… I was unable to get the DVI to Component adapter to work.

    I recently added a VGA to Component Cable to the mix and it also failed using the included DVI to VGA Adapter. It’s not to the point of a personal challenge, so…

  5. Troy D Says:

    If you want a solution that I am sure that costs, but seems to be the ‘bees knees!’ then check these guys out. My wife and I have a 151cm Grand Wega, and have been trying to find a way to plug a Mac Mini into it. You can also use it for others sorts of uses, and it doesn’t need any software for your computer that I can see. Seems very video-phile though, which appeals to my kind of tastes. 😉


  6. Robert McInnes Says:

    Note the dialog going on at Apple Store…
    Refer: http://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPLE/WebObjects/AppleStore?productLearnMore=M9267G/A

    I have fairly good results using the Apple DVI to SVideo Adaptor ($US20.00), to connect Mac Mini to Sony WEGA TV.

    But am looking to try a DVI to Component Video, If I can find one suitable. The following Australia Site provides some great insight, and recommends going Component Video versus SVideo. Refer: http://www.xpmediacentre.com.au/community/home-theatre-articles/243-all-about-video-dvi-component-displays.html

    I would apreciate recommendations

  7. Techy Says:


    The reason it will not work is because the mini DVI output from your mac is in digital form (called DVI-D) the component cables adaptor to DVI used to be used with VCRS and other older technology that uses DVI-I which is the older data form. You should instead just use mini DVI to DVI and plug the DVI into your monitor or TV and then just buy a sound cord to get sound onto your tv (assuming your tv doesn’t have HDMI because your trying component…which would be the easiest and best quality). If your tv doesnt even have DVI you could do VGA as well. If you have none of those….ITS TIME TO GET A NEW TV…THERE CHEAP AS HELL NOW…1000 WILL GET YOU A 50′ BEAUTIFUL FLATSCREEN…YOU CAN EVEN GET 500 DOLLAR 32′ IF YOUR ON MORE OF A BUDGET!

  8. Techy Says:

    wow should of checked the date before writing all that lol….2005 jesus…someone take this off

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