ATI remote wonder with the Mac Mini

remote wonderThis originally started out as a Keyspan Express remote control review, but that ended abruptly, as well, it didn’t work. According to Keyspan’s manual ‘if after plugging in the base unit you don’t see the led flash at least once, to contact customer support’. Being the impatient sort I am, I grabbed my ATI Remote Wonder from an old All-In-Wonder card, downloaded OSX drivers for it and went about my business.

By all appearances I cant see anything the Keyspan offers that I can’t accomplish with the Remote Wonder (I don’t use Airport Express) to the contrary the Wonder has built in application launchers that seemed a little easier to setup, than the Keyspans software. In addition the Wonder transmits its commands via radio frequency rather than Infra-Red, which is great if, like myself, your Mac isn’t in your line of sight while viewing.

One thing I would point out to anyone looking for a remote like the Remote Wonder, is that my version the ‘Remote Wonder’ only reports back to the software for command transfers, but the Remote Wonder II can actually learn infra-red codes as well, this feature would be great for controlling a ‘hybrid’ system (one that has components both in and out of the computer).

I was actually able to setup a macro that will (without turning on the TV/Projector) launch iTunes, play the last radio station and even resume the stream if paused, with only two buttons. I also figured out a way to switch between a few different radio stations, using the arrow keys. A better remote solution surely could be had for more money, but for now the Remote Wonder is more than enough for the simple transport functions and macro executions, I was after.

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  1. Craig Says:

    So, has anyone used the Remote Wonder II with their Mac? Mac OS X isn’t listed as a supported OS, as it is for the original Remote Wonder.

  2. Eric Says:

    yes, the remote wonder ii is not only supported by os x- the software is apparently better written for the mac than the pc. better mouse control etc. i had to download the mac software from ati’s site and i’ve been using it happily for almost a month now.

  3. tubbyman Says:

    I just got one of these the other day…it’s awesome. up and running in 10 minutes (had to download driver). It’s got some convenient presets for commonly used apps, but the real convenience is in the flexibility of the software…it’s completely configurable. So, all of my applescript HTPC helpers are already mapped to buttons. Also, RF is heaven after using a crappy IR remote that came with my projector for a couple years. AAA batteries are nice, too, after having to buy expensive and hard to find coin shaped batteries for my old remote every 3 months. My only complaint is that the buttons are small, but I am sure that I will get used to that after some use. Overall, everything I wanted and more.

  4. BruinToo Says:

    I have the Remote Wonder. It’s great. I like the feel of the larger and smoother buttons on the original Remote Wonder than the 2nd version.

  5. killwin1980 Says:

    I’ve read “the Remote Wonder II can actually learn infra-red codes”, is it true? Because I can’t see it on ATI website.

  6. B.Greenway Says:

    That’s what I’ve heard, I have the original though.

  7. Murph7355 Says:

    Not sure if this page is stillbeing monitored, but the RWII us RF. Can’t do IR at all.

    I’m currently looking for a way to assign actions to the Aux buttons. Then combining this with the IRTrans and iRed will give me the baility to control everything with an RF remote. Woohoo!!

  8. Poby Says:

    If there’s anyone out there: Please (!) tell me where I can download the Mac OS drivers for my Remote Wonder. I’m going crazy trying to find them, but they’ve bin taken off the ATI website.

  9. Luke Says:

    If you go to Drivers and Support on the ATI website, browse by Mac, then Remote Wonder, the drivers are there…

  10. Sven Says:

    The drivers do not work with intel macs (the software crashes right after launching).
    Is there an alternative solution available?

  11. Andrew Says:

    The drivers work for me on Leopard. It always says it needs to install software when I open the configuration tool but then goes ahead and runs and works.

  12. Matt Says:

    Drivers for remote wonder plus are old, but work ok on Leopard on my Intel Mac min – but I get the same error that Andrew does – everytime I run the Remote Wonder Control, it says:

    “Installation/Repair” – to complete installation some support files need to be installed. This may require an administrator’s user name and password

    Annoying, but usable. Anyone know someone at ATI they can ping to get this bug fixed for leopard/intel Mac OS?


  13. David Says:

    Matt – I fixed this error by manually creating


    ie. do the following:

    Open console
    cd /Library/PreferencePanes/
    mkdir ATIRemoteWonderSP.prefPane

    When you start Remote Wonder it should not give you the message.

  14. Todd Says:

    That prefpane tip solved the warning message for me. Thanks!

    Now, my other problem is that it doesn’t do the application settings. It always does the global button/key mappings regardless of the application running. Does it do this for others?

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