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dmlogo It’s odd, when I glance over at my boxed up Denon DVD-1910, I think to myself, ‘silly device, you can’t even tell me what the weather will be tomorrow’. There’s something about bringing a computer into the living room that’s really liberating, much like after telephone deregulation, it suddenly became affordable to have a phone in more than a few rooms (yes children I know some of you may not remember these days, but I joke not, phones used to be expensive and you could only get them from your local telco provider).

This new found ‘liberation’ of being able to have information, not just entertainment, in the living room is what brought me to Delicious Library. Take a look at the screen shots below and tell me if you can identify the CD’s or DVD’s for that matter, in the rack. Heck I own them and until yesterday, unless I sat down and rummaged through them, I couldn’t have told you what half of them were. Enter Delicious Library from Delicious Monster (yeah now I get the name, it’s thoroughly addictive) DL is easily the most seamless, easy to use media cataloging utility I’ve ever seen.



The software (Macintosh Only) is extremely easy to use, so easy it barely lends itself to a review, but I’ll give it a shot. Simply download the app, install and your minutes away from ‘scanning’ in your collection. Yeah that’s the beauty here, you can use Apple’s iSight (a Bluetooth scanner is also available from DL) as an optical barcode scanner and quickly scan in your books, CD’s, DVD’s and Games . DL uses Amazon as their ‘database’ as it were, but for those odd few items that might not be listed you can manually enter them in.

Of my entire collection (roughly four hundred CD’s and 50 or so DVD’s) DL only failed to scan and grab the info from about 5%, most of this was attributed to scratches over the UPC code, or the UPC code having a hole in it (cut outs). The other few percent of failed media look-ups were from items err lets say ‘not commercially available’. This is where it got addictive, if you have a couple of hundred of any media, and you only have 5-8% unidentified, if your anything like me, this just won’t do. I actually stayed up till 2 or 3 am franticly trying to ‘complete’ my collection, it was a blast and didn’t feel like work at all, after all DL had done the lion share of the work, the least I could do was pitch in.

A little about the ‘user experience’ I have to say nothing could have prepared my girlfriend and I for what we were in for with DL. She was sitting on the couch listening to some iTunes and I start grabbing CD’s and setting up my iSight. At this point I’m sure she was thinking ‘oh boy the mad scientist is at work again’, but as soon I passed over Kill Bill Vol.1’s UPC and DL instantly grabbed all the pertinent info, cover art and entered it into our ‘collection’ we both broke out into laughter, this was fun!

It gets better though, a few movies down the line was the Star Wars trilogy. When this title was scanned in the voice (oh did I mention a female voice reads back all of your titles as their scanned in for conformation?) not only read out the Title and Version but said aloud in a Darth Vader voice “Luke I am your father!” Ok we were again cracking up, I can’t say for sure where they’re getting the dialog snippets but this was a very classy touch.



These extra touches are also DL’s Achilles heel, to a very small degree. Of all our 50 plus DVD’s Star Wars was the only one (I remember) giving this dialog snippet, which leads me to believe it’s a new or up-coming feature with limited support. That’s the thing about DL, it does so much, so easily your mind races with ‘what if it could do this’ scenarios. For example when scanning in CD’s I’d love to hear a snippet or two of audio from the disc. Amazon does have song ‘previews’ for some if not a lot of their CD offerings, but DL might not have access to their UI or may not have a viable way of streaming in that audio.

Regardless DL does offer a lot in a $40.00 software package, (a demo license is available) and in one evening I went from not being able to tell you at gun point what was in my CD collection, to being able to tell you how many CD’s I have, what their cover art looks like, what they retail for and the date they were released. To sum up, if you have enough CD’s, DVD’s, books, or games to warrant such a program I wholeheartedly recommend Delicious Library from Delicious Monster, now if only I could actually launch those DVD’s from my hard drive, and have DL run full screen without the Mac’s user interface….


p.s I’ve got a few more ‘delicious’ screen shots in the system gallery

4 Responses to “Delicious Library, Review”

  1. Jonathan Greene Says:

    And thus the Mac conversion is complete!

    A very cool and actually scary feature with DL is that you can go to Amazon, click on your order history and drag the link from things you’ve purchased right in. It’s quite simple to add previous purchases this way, especially if you, like me have all your CDs in storage since it’s all been saved to disc.

    Go Eagles!!

  2. James Says:

    I found a super app for CDs that is amazing. Installed it on my mini last night and have been wowing my friends ever since.

  3. B.Greenway Says:

    Yeah, I mentioned that a few posts back as well

  4. Rob Says:

    Is there a way to export as HTML for the purpose of blogging your library? I don’t think there was when I first looked at DL over a year ago.

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