Old school Macintosh Home Theater

 carlosworkstation You know the more and more I dig into Mac’s as entertainment centers, I see evidence of something bigger on the horizon, I mean most ‘trends’ or ‘hot new things’ that don’t turn out to be a flash in the pan, have one thing in common, someone was already doing it or something similar months if not years before the public at large caught on. This is where Carlos Salcedo comes in, Carlos has been ‘walking the walk’ for almost three years. Yeah I told you this wasn’t a new idea a while back, but even I didn’t realize someone had been at it this long, at least as many in the community are touting it (Mac’s as home entertainment centers).

Carlos has a really informative site, and by all accounts has recording hi-def on a Mac down to a science. We’re always looking for confidants or ‘elders’ in the scene, so chalk him up to ‘been there done that’. I really really like his Kill Bill Vol.1 HD-to-DVD PQ Comparison, it’ll go into my tool bag as a perfect reference for what up-converting can do to hi-def images.

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