DVI to Component Video – Strikes 2 and 3!

As I previously mentioned… I was unable to get the DVI to Component adapter to work.

I recently added a VGA to Component Cable to the mix and it also failed using the included DVI to VGA Adapter. It’s not to the point of a personal challenge, so I called around town to find the Key Digital VGA to Component Adapter today and then raced out to get it (paying a bit more) rather than waiting yet another day for it to arrive via Fedex. As you might have guess now it also failed – but because both it and the Apple VGA adapter leave you with female connectors making the hook up impossible without yet another cable or adapter.

I’ve located what I think will work and am planning an early morning run to B&H to get it. More tomorrow… for now though this is proving to be quite a challenge and has added a nice bit to my cost. Just don’t tell my wife…

— Jonathan Greene

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6 Responses to “DVI to Component Video – Strikes 2 and 3!”

  1. Jon Says:

    I also have the problem of connecting to my HDTV that has no DVI imput. I have been searching on several other board and found one that seems to have solved the problem (sort of). Here is the link to the discussion http://mrzippy.org.uk/macmediacenter/forum/viewthread.php?tid=58&page=1#pid1679. Finally I think the solution they came up with is the Hi-Wire by grandtec usa http://www.grandtec.com/hivision2.htm. I have not tried it myself yet was kindof hope you would have better luck.

  2. Jon Says:


  3. Jonathan Greene Says:

    Thanks – not sure how they connected the Key Digital piece I have since it does not connect directly without yet another adapter or cable… I’m going to still try with a new connector today and see if that works before trying that Hi-wire unit.

  4. Lok Says:

    Hey John, you should try this one.

  5. Jonathan Greene Says:

    OK – I have the Key Digital working but only at 640 x 480… any experts in how to use SwicthresX? I can’t get it to work on anything higher… I seem to be limited to 50 or 60Hz according to the Key Digital literature.

  6. Maciej Piotrowski Says:

    Hello, I have a problem connecting my Nvidia Geforce7900 GTX to my HDTV. Nvidia has DVI output and 30″Philips HDTV component inputs. I did purchase DVI to component cable(as advised by Nvidia that this would work) and got nothing. I dont know if the problem is with cable or my TV which is 4 y old. I’m just frustrated because I cant watch HD movies that I have on my hard drive in HD format.
    Any suggestion????

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