DTS post 10.3.8 syndrome

I guess you could file this one under, ‘plea for help’ or ‘has anyone else experienced this’. Alright here’s a quick rundown of where I was before patching to 10.3.8. I had iTunes, Dolby Digital and DTS all playing through the digital out of my M-Audio Sonica Theater. Enter 10.3.8 and I lose DTS, I say lose ‘its still there’ but choppy and un-listenable.

Apparently there were a few fix’s applied to the DVD section, but I couldn’t find any that addressed audio. This is obviously somewhat annoying, but hey I’ve made it this far, no way I’m going back to a mere ‘DVD’ player now. Has anyone else experienced this or similar after 10.3.8?


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  1. chris head Says:

    Are you still using the Sonica Theater? In this post, you mention that 10.3.8 screwed it up but that it was OK before that… I’m interested in that particular device because it supports the formats I want in a form-factor I like with the output ports I need… but if the output quality bites universally (not just under 10.3.8 but under previous versions, too), then I need to reconsider…

  2. B.Greenway Says:

    Still using it, and 10.3.8 only “screwed it up’ in reguards to DTS, It works fine with Dolby Digital.

    At least I cant think of anything else I applied other than 10.3.8 befire DTS stopped working.

  3. chris head Says:

    aha… for better or worse, I’ve finally arrived where you are… ugh.

    I ended up getting the Sonica Theater, hooked it up via coax and, because of their truly crappy documentation, had a devil of a time understanding what it was doing.

    Because the thing was connected solely by coax, the system would recognize it as a valid output device and thus allow you to select it from the system preferences and configure various aspects of a stereo signal (but not the surround channels). Because it wasn’t conencted to the audio outs, however, selecting anything greater than 2.0 in their app was an exercise in frustration, since it would indicate that test signals were being sent but nothing would issue from the speakers. Unfortunately, it took me a day or two to figure out that you had to launch the Sonica app and switch it to “Digital” before it would allow you to choose the Digital pass-through from the DVD Player app… but then, other apps that don’t push through the digital out can’t be heard so you have to launch their freakin’ app to change outputs. Menubar item, anyone? or better yet, automated switching?

    Regardless, by the time I’d figured all of this out, I’d already applied 10.3.8 and the DTS had become unlistenable. ARGH!

    I suppose I could do a re-install… if I were reasonably certain it wouldn’t be a complete waste of time.

    I wonder if, instead, I could just use three 1/8 stereo splitters and hook it up to the 5.1 inputs on my receiver… It wouldn’t be DTS and I’d have to use VLC for software AC-3, I think… Patience… patience… I hear they’re working on a Tiger update, which would be decent, as Sonica’s current software is really stale and, as mentioned, their documentation is truly horrible and their customer service isn’t particularly knowledgeable.

    Frustrating… 🙁

    10.3.9, anyone?

  4. B.Greenway Says:

    Hey I hear ya, take a look at this, maybe were gonna get straightened out


  5. chris head Says:

    I sure hope this takes care of it – !

    Regardless, I “backgraded” to 10.3.7 just now – it took about fifteen minutes and I lost *nothing*. I thought, at the very least, I’d have to reinstall drivers but no, everything transferred over, drivers included. I’m now installing a few patches – all but 10.3.8 (heh). DTS is now passing through properly again! I’m a very happy pup!

  6. BruinToo Says:

    I have the Sonica Transit. Looks like the drivers for Transit are newer than Theater’s. Have no issue whatsoever with 10.3.8 update.

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