New to Mac, a primer on installing applications

miniI have to admit, installing and uninstalling apps was a little daunting when I first started playing around with my mini. I’ve worked with Macs and Linux machines to some degree in the past, so it wasn’t as if I didn’t have any idea of what to do. The difference this time was I actually own the machine and didn’t want to fubar it.

Well with a little coaching and luck I was able to navigate my way through installing and removing a few apps, and generally feel comfortable with the different install packages now. But like so many other things in my life, once I bore down and worked through it the hard way, I ran across some really valuable references that would have made it much easier the first go around. First up is a nice little tutorial from “Lori’s spot on the Web”, (sorry that’s the only description I noticed), which is basically a graphical walkthrough of disk image installation and package installations. All of the examples are numbered which makes for a nice easy to follow presentation.

Now I know you guys n’ gals are very particular about what apps you install on your beloved Mac, but just incase you happen to decide one isn’t for you, you’ll need to keep in mind a few do’s and don’ts associated with removing applications from OSX. The most obvious difference new Mac users, migrating from a windows machine, will notice is the lack of a add/remove program. I’ll let this article by Brad Smith speak to that but suffice to say, the omission isn’t an oversight. Simplicity often looks lacking to those conditioned to the overcomplicated. I hope these tutorials are helpful, and as always if you encounter something a little confusing with your new Mac just ask, you’ll often find Mac users very willing to help out.


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  1. ashlee Says:

    i just recently sold my mac mini and i am having problems finding out how to “wipe” my computer. the guy is coming to pick it up tomorrow and i have no idea how to get my stuff off of it so that this person doesn’t have it all available to them. can anyone help me?

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