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netboxI just ran across this little item from Axentra, the Net-Box. Which is described as an “all-in-one digital home server appliance”, the literature actually mentions compatibility with the Mac mini (and Mac’s in general), obviously Axentra is aware of the potential for mini peripherals here. Let’s see what’s under the hood.

Integrated gateway, router, firewall and 802.11g wireless access point. The Net-Box H-70 features an 80GB hard drive while the Net-Box H-90 sports a 160GB hard drive.

Ok but what do these ‘mini severs’ go for? That’s the touchy part. The Net-Box H-70 retails for $499US and the Net-Box H-90 goes for $699US. Not exactly bargain basement stuff, when you consider what the mini itself sells for. But I suppose for someone looking for an access point, with some built in connectivity and file/printer sharing, these boxes might be useful.


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  1. Tim Jarrett Says:

    Those prices are out of line for what’s being provided. Take a look at these networked hard drives; granted that they don’t include integrated router/firewall/access point, but that doesn’t justify a $200 price premium.

  2. B.Greenway Says:

    I don’t know, a router and access point are about 100.00 each give or take a few bucks.

    The Net-Box wasn’t a recommendation, just a notice.

  3. nebur29 Says:

    Actually I don’t think the price point is that badwhen you take into consideration all that the Axentra Box does. The one coming out this year is supposed to be even better. The Axentra Net-Box One just took Best of Show (in the Smart Home category) at CES.
    I’m not a Mac or an Axentra owner. My interest is in smart home integration. I think the more intersting announcement to come out of the Axentra camp was that it is going to make a software package out of the suite of apps that runs on the Net-Box. You’ll be able to run the software on the Mac Mini (oh, and yes there will be a PC version too).

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