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The CenterStage Project has finally released a public alpha. It’s very early to consider using this for much unfortunately. I would not recommend using it unless you like to try things that are not ready for prime-time. Sorry if that’s harsh guys… You can see the direction things are headed and that is certainly exciting. I love the idea of a fullscreen UI for managing all my media, but whoa nelly!

The current version supports the video function only. No pictures, music, photos etc. I was able to get a full directory listing of my video, but it’s pretty overwhelming to see everything in one massive list without any categories or sub-groupings. The good news is that CenterStage clearly reads sub directories…

The interface for video is 3-paned, the list takes up the full left side, preview mode on the right top and a placeholder bottom right for description text. Quicktime and MPEG video worked pretty well, though no AVI or DIVX yet.

It’s a proof of concept at this time and I know a great deal of work has gone into the project so far, but I will be waiting until at least the beta to try again.

— Jonathan Greene

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  1. tjreo Says:

    There is a lot of discussion in the CenterStage forums regarding this Alpha release. The main point from the staff is “remember it is an alpha release”.

    This is NOT meant to be used for watching video on a daily basis. There are a significant number of bugs and the video quality is poor.

    Then why was it released, you ask?

    The development staff was kind enough to let those of us chomping at the bit to have a look also.

    This release is to be used as a technology platform for testing code within a real-life app.

    There was a point made earlier that the finished app will likely have very little in common with what you currently see.

    This is not production-level code. It is not Beta code. It is v0.1 Alpha code.

  2. Jonathan Greene Says:

    I hear you. Just reporting my experience for those watching but perhaps not willing to download such early code on their machines. I’m not down on CenterStage, in fact I am quite hopeful it will solve the problem of a common UI for the machtpc. Just a matter of time…

  3. jlandau Says:

    Have to agree with tjreo.

    It would be smart-ass to ask if you’re familiar with the concept of an alpha release, but you’re comments (whoa nelly!) kind of imply that you aren’t.

  4. Jonathan Greene Says:

    Regardless of my familiarity with alpha software (I am actually), my point was for those who are likely to rush out to try it thinking it’s the answer now. As I mentioned, I like the direction and see the work, though there is quite a long road ahead.

    btw – whoa nelly was referring to the massive list of unstructured data I’ve got through the various folders aliased through my Movies directory.

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