Tiger pre-order rebate

tigerThis offer from Amazon, on the up-coming Tiger Mac OS release seems mighty appealing if you ask me. Tiger is slated to retail for $129.99, but if you pre-order from Amazon, you can save $35.00.

Hey 35 skins is enough to go see ‘Revenge of the Sith‘, and maybe even buy some popcorn.

Edit: The rebate was removed by Amazon, no reason given.
Second Edit: And its back again….

4 Responses to “Tiger pre-order rebate”

  1. Dave Says:

    Beware of Amazon rebates! I bought my iBook in the beginning of January from Amazon. There was a $150 rebate promised. I sent in all the required paperwork two days after I got the computer. It’s April 23rd and I still haven’t seen the check. Also I have seen forums dedicated to the woes of Amazon rebates.

  2. B.Greenway Says:

    Seems like step 3 might be the hangup.

    “Step 3. Wait: In 6-8 weeks your rebate will arrive by mail.”

    Do you mean March 23rd? I think your calendar is fast 😛

  3. devexpert Says:

    Hm, how do you preorder? It seems there is no button on Amazon web site to do that.

  4. B.Greenway Says:

    Just order it, since it’s not available yet, it’s automatically a pre-order.

    It looks like they’ve removed the order option, it should be back up soon.

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