SpeakTunes 1.0

speaktunesReading Jonathans ‘Headless Music Operation‘ post a few weeks ago, got me thinking about other possible solutions for selecting iTunes playlists or individual songs, without having to turn on the display. Last night I ran across this little app from Valencio Productions aptly named SpeakTunes 1.0, the basic idea of the app, is to use the built in text to speech generator in OSX to “call out” what playlist or song is currently selected. The app also supports Keyspan Digital Media Remotes.

SpeakTunes uses the voice capabilities of your Macintosh with a familiar iPod-like interface to allow you to navigate and play songs from your iTunes music library without looking at a display. With full support for the Keyspan Digital Media Remote, SpeakTunes was designed for home and auto installations where looking at a display is impractical or dangerous. SpeakTunes supports MP3, AIFF, and protected AAC files from the iTunes Music Store.

SpeakTunes is available from Valencio.com, and you’ll need iTunes version 4.7.1. If you decide to give it a shot, I’m interested in hearing your results.


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