Mac home theater down under

mac cinemaIt seems the mini’s reach as a home entertainment appliance has spread to all corners of the world, doing a little surfing this morning I ran across this article (annoying subscription required, but the link should be good for first view) from an Australian news site about the mini in a home theater setting.

The article follows John Browning in his quest in realizing his Mac mini home-entertainment center. Some of the products John used in assembling his mini theater included the SqueezeBox from SlimDevices, an external 160GB hard drive and a 42” Plasma.

“When I started out I was looking for high-quality output rather than for economy,” he says. The Mac-based home-theatre system he has built produces the quality required.


2 Responses to “Mac home theater down under”

  1. Oliver Says:

    where can I read the hole article?

  2. B.Greenway Says:

    If this link doesnt work then I have no alterntaives.

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