This one never gets old

ihomeThe guys over at The Apple Blog are reporting the long awaited release of the iHome. With a feature set like this, the much rumored product must be right around the corner.

The “iHome” features the following specifications:

The ability to stream video/audio/pictures from and to many Apple products (iPod, shuffle, all laptops, all desktops) on it’s local network.
450 gig hard drive.
1.5 GHz G5
2GB of RAM (upgradeable to 6GB)
SuperDrive (can burn DVD’s in real time)
Component, composite, S-Video, DVI, and HDMI inputs and outputs.
5.1 Digital audio output
Airport Extreme
AM/FM Tuning


Nice one Josh. I like the 1.5ghz processor, just to keep it on this side of reality. Hey what would happen if Apple ever really decided to do this? Would anyone believe them?


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  1. thierry Says:

    Yes, where should I order one ?


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