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phoneSometimes great products and great customer service don’t go hand in hand, the mini was my first real exposure to Mac’s, that is hands on day to day use, sure I’ve played around with them, used friends machines and what not, but the mini was “My first Mac”. Needless to say I was won over almost instantly, so much so that I started looking at my other two PC’s with a very apprehensive eye, mumbling to myself, your days are numbered wintel losers.

The first on my list of soon to be orphans was a 1Ghz Sony Vaio laptop, not a terrible machine mind you; just one whose day has come and gone. So with this is mind, I sat out to find a replacement, oh those Powerbooks are sexy, but significantly out of my price range, hey how about an iBook I thought.

I started pricing them out, not too bad, of course a little more than a windows machine, but it’s worth it, what’s this a 1.33Ghz on the Apple refurb site for almost 300.00 (shipped) less than new? Ok I thought, I’m ready to buy, but one nagging thought kept popping up in my head, what about the battery? After all the battery is the number one expendable item in a laptop, I wonder if they put new batteries in the refurbished laptops?

All right, I’m looking all over Apple’s site, cant find any mention of it, the refurbishment process description seems purposely vague, I know I’ll give’em a call! Seemed plausible enough right? I mean I’m about to spend over 1100.00 dollars with them, surely they wont mind a few questions. Wrong, to put it bluntly, a prick answered my call, made me feel like a degenerate for even asking such a stupid question, and then proceeded to insult me three different ways. He went on to press me into making a decision on the spot, and gave me grief for letting him know, I’d just buy it on-line if he wanted to be a putz about it.

Already long story short, I went ahead and bought an iBook, not through him (to bad about that commission – oh yeah they get a commission according to him) but through the on-line store. I couldn’t have been more displeased with my buying experience, but I have no doubt the actual product will be more enjoyable. Without sounding overly whiney, what I really want to impart here is this, it’s your hard-earned dollars large companies are after, make sure and let them know if you feel you’re treated poorly during the purchase. It may or may not do a damn thing, but the alternative, just letting it go as status quo, will surely mean more of the same down the road.


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  1. BruinToo Says:

    Ummm… I think hthose $300 some dollar products are extended warranties not the products themselves. Look again.

  2. B.Greenway Says:

    “for almost 300.00 (shipped) less than new?”

    less than new being the critcal part of that statement 🙂

    I got the iBook today, working on a review now.

  3. NoPCZone Says:

    I have found that Apple’s telephone sales staff is just about worthless, and that’s the strong point. It also hacks me off no end that a phone call to a local number at The Apple Store routes you through their damnable corporate phone system. I also see more ‘hard-sell’ creeping into the local iPod, umm Apple, Store. I see potential ‘switchers’ lost amid the fast sales of iPods.
    The sales staff is running around selling $200 iPod minis and letting prospective PowerBook and PowerMac G5 sales walk out the door without having their questions answered. I see this every time I go in an Apple Store these days. The Mac customer will spend more money at the Apple Store over the life of his/her computer than a truckload of iPod customers. Apparently Apple has instructed the staff to move the iPods at the expense of the Mac. Maybe that’s not their intent, but that’s exactly what’s happening.
    Want an exercise in futility? Try to buy a copy of QuickTime Pro from Apple without a Credit Card. I do not and will not use one online–period. Apple does not offer it for sale at retail and will not offer it through the web store or phone without using a credit card. Never-mind that I should not have to buy a $30 ‘upgrade’ to the basic media engine on a PowerMac G5 well north of $2k- you cannot get it without exposing yourself to identity theft, etc.
    Mr. Jobs needs to decide if he wants to bet the future of the company on what is shortly going to become a commodity item at the expense of the Computer and OS that spawned it. When the digital player market outgrows one dominant brand, like the Sony Walkman, will Apple have turned off the very people who provided the critical mass that allowed the iPod, iTunes and iTMS to be created in the first place? Let BestBuy, CompUSA and the like sell all the iPod BS and restock your shelves with Mac hardware and software. You need to clean house at Apple and you can start with your sales operation.

  4. Jim Says:

    Although I agree with statement about QTPro, I don’t understand why you won’t use your credit card online? I’m pretty sure that all credit card companies (if not all, at the very least, the good ones) have fraud protection and you will not be responsible for any unauthorized purchases.

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