Longhorn promises innovative media handling, wait I already have that

longboreOk I guess its safe to say I’m a full fledged “switcher”, I mean years ago I was the one scratching my head as to why anyone would want to buy a Mac, now I’m aghast at the lameity (fun fake word) the folks from Redmond will go to.

Wil Shipley of Delicious Monster has posted a few pictures of a new feature that might be included with MS Longhorn, it ahem, shares quite a few similarities with DM, and to be honest a number of other already available media managers, some of which are free. At least the proceeds from CD’s/DVD’s you buy through the DM interface go to charity, will MS do the same? If you wondered about that more than .5 seconds please pinch yourself.

Anyone familiar with Delicious Monster (yeah two DM themed posts in a row, sue me) should recognize the similarities between DM and the pictures posted on Shipley’s blog. Am I outright stating MS stole some design cues from DM? Well no but Wil seems more than a bit ticked off about it. What’s more annoying than some not so subtle “inspiration” being derived from an existing product, is that the same company will throw out terms like “innovative” and “new” or even berate us with the dreaded “have more fun” “get more done” “stay in touch” campaign.

But wait it gets worse, unbelievable but true, Microsoft’s Windows VP Jim Allchin actually had the audacity to call Tiger “a peripheral to the iPod”, hahaha does that mean windows is the illegitimate love child of the TRS-80 and the Altair? Peripheral to the iPod? What special brand of hallucinogen is he on?

I might be a tad venomous here, but I’m already sick of hearing how “innovative” Longhorn will be, and we’re what a year and a half from its launch? Oh brother, 18 months of hearing about the many ways year-delayed-horn is going to make my life better. Friday is looking especially good this week.

p.s To my dear friends who still run windows, please don’t take my comments personally, Tiger is almost here, sell that PC and invest in an Apple. Shortly after purchasing your new Apple the text above won’t seem so weird.


5 Responses to “Longhorn promises innovative media handling, wait I already have that”

  1. Jonathan Greene Says:

    Reality Distortion Field in Full Effect!! Yeah baby!

  2. OS agnostic Says:

    So should I upgrade to Tiger to get Spotlight (Oh wait – already got Quicksilver) and Dashboard (Oh wait – already got Konfabulator).

  3. Jonathan Greene Says:

    Spotlight and Quicksilver are not the same thing. Spotlight is an intensely capable search index that goes well beyond file name and type. You’ll be able to search through the full meta data throughout your system… as a result, you’ll be able to create smart folders ala smart playlists in iTunes. Among other tricks…

    Konfabulator vs Dashboard is a closer call…but I think the system resources on Dashboard are lower. The Widgets are also based on HTML, CSS and Javascript which means it will be pretty easy and possible to use content from various sites.

  4. Pär Says:

    Following this site for a whilenow, and how fast you was spoilt into a Apple nut 🙂
    Not even inpressed with the “may bees in the future” of bullhorn 🙂

  5. Pär Says:

    shit- smileys? I hate those : – )

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