Preparing for Mac OS X 10.4

MacFixIt has a good read on prepping for your Tiger upgrade. My plan had been an archive and install on my Powerbook since that is the system that gets the most use and abuse. The mini is still new enough that I am planning a straight install… It’s safer to go Archive and Install so keep it in mind if you have really been working your system over.

I’ll have plenty of time to consider what my plan will be over the weekend as Amazon won’t be delivering to me until Monday.

— Jonathan Greene

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  1. Kevin Says:

    There were lines at the UTC Apple Store in San Diego. I got 2 scratchers, one for a free itunes song, one for 10% off anything in store EXCEPT bose and tiger.

    All the machines were formatted with Tiger, giving people a chance to play with it.

    I’m waiting for a new HD for my PB before I install. I only have 1.5 gigs left on my 40 gig.

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