Tiger Attack

tigerOS X 10.4 hits the streets at 6pm today, wait a minute I just had a thought. I could jump on a flight to LA and have it 4 hours earlier…. nevermind me I just need some sleep. Anyway I’m probably stopping by the local mall after work to grab mine, how about you?

Any plans of waiting in line? (I’m assuming the larger cities will see lines) How about getting together with another Mac-head friend for a little impromptu install-athon?

Wherever or however you spend your time with 10.4 today, we’re interested in hearing your initial impressions, be it praise or gripes, let the comments roll.

p.s TigerDirect, lighten up.


Mac OS X Server 10.4 Tiger: Visual QuickPro Guide

One Response to “Tiger Attack”

  1. Jonathan Greene Says:

    Tiger Direct is out of control… nothing but a frivolous lawsuit and nice timing as well.

    My damn copy is not coming until Monday – thanks Amazon!

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