iTunes 4.8, dont get all hot and bothered just yet

itunesWhile reading all this iTunes video store talk, I couldn’t help but think we in the Mac HTPC community may be getting worked up over nothing (for now).

It’s obvious (to me at least) that this is intended for a Video iPod, I used the word video and not movie intentionally. Granted a high quality 3 minute video clip of a song, may weigh in at less than 30-50 MB’s but think about a full length movie for a second, assuming this really is the year of HD at Apple, even with QT7 encoding, a movie could easily top out over several Gigabytes.

I think its safe to say a “video” iPod is in the works, but the oft rumored Apple video delivery service at least as HTPC users imagine it, lacks one thing, several actually, but no-doubt a mini capable of playing back QT7 files without dropping frames is a must. I’ve read several reports of revision B mini’s that might be introduced as early as June or July, but none of those reports indicated any plans for a G5 mini were in the works.

I’d love nothing more than Apple to introduce a QT-HD movie download service, but given the fact that the current crop of Apple’s beefy enough to play such files, are hardly stealth enough to place on a shelf under a television, I’d have to assume the only video delivery we’ll see from Apple this year, will be just that “videos” meant for playback on the desktop and later on a yet to be introduced “Video iPod”. This is one time however; I’d be elated to be wrong.


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  1. Daniell Krawczyk Says:

    While it might take a G5 to play back the HD H.264 files, you can easily playback near-DVD MPEG4’s made with Handbrake using much less horsepower, like a MacMini. Granted, you do point to the fact that this is Apple’s year of HD and I wouldn’t be surprised if they hold off on serious video delivery until they can really handle HD but really, who needs HD playback on a portable device? I’d be happy with a device that plays the 640×480, 1MBps, H.264 files I’m making out of my own Creatively Commoned content. We’re already using this to distribute content for re-cablecast, it would be great to have a device that doesn’t suck for handheld playback. Anyway, here’s hoping your wrong about the lack of a real video iPod but still not holding my breath.

  2. Gabe Hamrick Says:

    I have read that the reason it takes so much horsepower on the processors to play HD content is due to Apple not giving developers the means to tap into the power built into the video cards. If Apple is developing something and they have that extra power at their disposal the mini should (in theory) have enough power to play back HD content. I have no idea if this is correct but I read it in the Engadget article: HOW-TO: Turn your Mac mini into a media center at

  3. Paul Says:

    I think it’s safe to use the word ‘movie’ in connection with a video iPod (assuming there will be such a thing) – there would be no point using HD content on a screen that is unlikely to be more than VGA quality, so downloads could be relatively compact.

    Now the idea of HD movie downloads is rather further away, especially given the horsepower required to play that content. Certainly on my slow DSL connection it would be faster to make my own movie 🙂

  4. Dave Says:

    Just my 0.02c.

    I seem to recall that when the specs of the components used in the iPod photo were announced, a lot of people were very excited as the gubbins inside were capable of video playback, and that it was simply down to firmware/software that would enable video content.

    So here’s to hoping that I will not have to buy another iPod for this functionality.

    Also, HD playback on my MM isn’t too bad, thats with a 1.42 w/ 1Gb. But it is super sexy on my G5 (dual 1.8 w/ 2.5GB).


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