iTunes on the PS3?

ps3MacDailyNews is reporting a rumor that Sony may be working with Apple, on support for iTunes and iPod synchronization on the up-coming PS3.

Given that Sony was present at the last stevenote, and Apple has already announced their support for blu-ray, the PS3/iTunes rumor isn’t that far fetched. But what if there were more to the story than just some simple, albeit handy iTunes integration with the Play Station 3?

Since we’re what-if-ing here, what are the chances the PS3 will become the platform for an Apple/Sony co-braded on-line movie delivery service? Think about it, no matter how many mini’s Apple sells between now and the PS3’s launch, they likely wouldn’t amount to 1/8 of the PS3’s that will be attached to televisions within a week of its launch.

Do I really see this happening? A marriage of Apple and Sony in the PS3, with goals of delivering movies via a on-line iMovie service? No not really, there are as many obstacles as there are inroads, but on the other hand, if the two companies were of like mind, I have no doubt, they could find a way to make it work.


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  1. Nate Says:

    Kind of off subject, but i know that the xbox 360 is going to be powered by ATI graphics, but what about the PS3, is it agained destined to fall short of the xbox (graphically) or will it provide ample compotition this time around. Also, if you go to ATI’s website, they have a huge promo for the xbox 360, pictures, etc…

  2. Mike Bailey Says:

    You’re wrong, the graphics card is a Nvidia sourced version which has better graohics than XBOX 360. Add in that the PS3 will be three times faster than XBOX 360 and the XBOX is going to lose terribly.

  3. Josh on a Mac Says:

    I am waiting until all three next-gen consoles are out and all the bugs are worked out before I decide. I’ve already seen the Xbox 360 and it seems to have the same graphics my high-end gaming PC has had for the past 2 years. The PS3 will have the Cell Processor from IBM and I am hoping they will have the media center type interface I can use to access the music and movies and pictures stored on my 4 x 250 GB (~750 GB) RAID 5 I have upstairs. That’s all I’m asking for. But Nintendo’s Revolution controller seems fun and easy for the whole family and friends to play (not all my friends are more-than-two-button-controller-friendly.)

  4. Ben on a Mac Says:

    It would be great if there were simple integration between ps3 and mac. I’ve had more difficulty than it’s worth trying to get my 360 to communicate with my xp pro box, so I just gave up on it (I wouldn’t be able to stream video anyway because I don’t want to buy and install media center edition.

  5. Billy G. Says:

    can i install ATI graphics on my Powerbook? could you email me the installer?

    Billy G.

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