Apple working on an AirTunes remote control?

apple remoteWhen I caught the first inklings of an Apple branded AirPort Express compatible remote control, over at Gizmodo it immediately reminded me of another streaming music system that had really caught my eye a few months back. The Sonos system seemed to really capture the ease, style and functionality of iTunes and the AirPort Express, why hadn’t Apple moved forward on such a project themselves?

Maybe they’ve been working on it, all along? According to this article over at MacWorld, Apple indicated a remote would “indeed be a logical direction”. I have to say if Apple is working on such a remote I hope it isn’t “dumb”, rather I would want to see Wireless-G capability built in. Hey while we’re at it, the way the Sonos can display the album jackets and stream in internet radio, all via the GUI on the remote is really neato. Hey dream big right?

If Apple is working on such a product, I could really see it further cementing their already monster like domination of portable media, by bringing that same ease and slick factor into the home.


3 Responses to “Apple working on an AirTunes remote control?”

  1. Paolo Says:

    Hey, I’ve just looked at the apple website and there’s a link to the keyspan remote as an acessory…isn’t it only 3rd party remotes their talking about…(I’m talking about the iTunes 4.8 error…)

  2. B.Greenway Says:

    Absolutely on the iTunes error, but I was much more interested in what Apple’s Vice President of Hardware Product Marketing, hinted at here

  3. Greg Opas Says:

    Heard there is another Mac press conference on the 12th (tomorrow…). If anyone else has heard that, please confirm/deny. Hoping it’s about this, as I am fighting the urge to go buy another Express and Keyspan Remote, inspite of the annoying lack of display capability…

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