Jobs: Portable video wont be successful

itunesIn all things Apple Speculation, one truth remains, trying to guess what Apple may or may not do next is never an exact science. In one fell swoop Steve Jobs has apparently dashed any hope of a video iPod, speaking from the All Things Digital conference, Jobs is quoted as saying “Portable video won’t be successful”, he explained, “until you can carry around a 50-inch video screen in your pocket”. Word brother, preach it.

At the risk of sounding like a fan-boy parrot, I have to agree. I’ve found myself using my iPod less and less lately, I can’t really think of a situation (other than flying) where I’d ever have use for a VideoPod. The article the quote came from has some other interesting bits as well, such as the up-coming iTunes 4.9.


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  1. Jason Says:

    I agree there aren’t many places to watch lengths of video, say 30 minutes or longer, other than while at the airport or during flight. Though, commuters who use mass transit are also good candidates for portable video device users. Maybe it’d be keen to have some video on a portable device to bring along when you go on vacation, so instead of settling for hotel’s PPV offerings you can watch what you have on hand (not unlike what many do with their laptops now). I think a larger market will exist in portable video for kids, who may desire portable video anyplace/time they currently use a Gameboy.

    Another technology working against portable video devices would be over-the-network (some high speed wi-fi successor) delivery of your video content to your given location (geo-shifting is the buzz term I believe).

    It probably won’t be the breakout success like the iPod is but I wouldn’t count portable video out wholly .

  2. Jay Brewer Says:

    I would have to agree. When I got my PSP – initially I was really into putting some serious dough down to have movies on it – or tv shows so I could watch them anywhere I wanted. Then after a week or so cool down – I realized I never did that unless I traveled. If I did watch video all the time – I would have acquired the habit using the powerbook I’m now typing on.

    I can see portable video working in same situation as using a Game Boy Advance or PSP – but not some new habit. Mostly travel – mostly lounging – mostly hanging around.

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