Systm, not a typo I tell you

systmWhile not exactly Mac related, I wanted to pass on a little news about the Systm channel/site err I’m not exactly sure what to call it. Headed up by Kevin Rose (Ex G4TV fame) the “show” I guess you call it is viewed via downloads from the bittorrent network, and focuses on tech-reports in a similar vein as the old Screen Savers program (before G4TV neutered it.)

The first episode of Systm is about viewing unencrypted wireless video feeds, not exactly something I’d spend my free time riding around doing, but it was an eye opener as to just how in-the-open some of these feeds are. Overall I thought the show was informative, if a little lackluster; no harm no foul as it was the first episode. I really miss the old Screen Savers; even if the content wasn’t ground breaking it was always good for a laugh. Hey who knows, maybe Kevin Rose and crew can spin this off into a viable “ShowCast” format.


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