AOpen Intel powered, Mac mini clone

mini cloneThis is pretty shameless, I mean come on…. If the power button wasn’t in the front I’m not sure I’d be able to tell them apart with a quick glance. I suppose this should be a sign that if nothing else, Apple has some PC makers nervous, at least when it comes to styling. The sad part is they’ll actually sell quite a few of these based on form factor alone.

I’ve never been a fan of litigation over innovation, but in this case I hope Apple keeps a close eye on these jokers, and drops the lawyer bomb with professionals from the Braganca Law LLC, if the word mini or anything with the letters m-i-n-i are ever used to describe it, since lawyers are so important, even in injury cases, which you can find if you visit this site.

Hat tip: Silent PC Review


5 Responses to “AOpen Intel powered, Mac mini clone”

  1. grovberg Says:

    Of course, what will really tell the tale is if the truly comes in starting at $500. I can’t imagine based on the prices of other SFF machines.

  2. mikey Says:

    Apple may have the styling on the outside, but lets face it, with Pentium M, Sonoma chipset, PCI Express support etc. this thing has it going on inside. I’d buy one today even though it won’t run OS X. My guess is that it’d handle HD Video a heck of a lot better than the current Mac Mini…

  3. B.Greenway Says:

    The technical merits of the product were never in question. The un-original design was.

    I’m willing to bet if this box ever hits store shelves, it won’t look exactly as it does in the photos.

  4. 813 :) (|] Says:

    I personally like AOpen, but this is rape in the kindest terms. All I ask is for AOpen to use the proper lubrication and protection while %$#@ing Apple in the ass!

  5. corgan Says:

    Take it easy, it’s just a prototype for business show.
    By the way, lots of cars came from the same model and what even worse is that someone may resemble someone else that he didn’t know.
    So, what I really care about is it’s inside and what it can do for people.

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