Apple eyes Hollywood, this could be what we’ve waited for

apple intel and hollywood?If this Cult of Mac article by Leander Kahney pans out to be true, partially true or just in the neighborhood, Apple and our living rooms may be in for a whirlwind romance. Mr. Kahney puts forth the best argument I’ve read to date, on why Apple would be considering a switch to Intel processors. I’ve gone from highly skeptical to guarded optimism on this whole story in the last 48 hours, and the plausibility of this article in general in largely responsible.

Go ahead and read the article in full as the author in my mind at least, has his ducks in a row. Without going into unnecessary detail this all may boil down to Hollywood, movies and digital rights management. He also provides plausible ways the OSX on 486 architecture dilemma could be solved. Great read considering we’re less than 24 hours away from the (possible) announcement.


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  1. Jonathan Greene Says:

    It makes a great deal of sense… Just the DRM alone allows for the computer to be viewed as a more locked box than the computer is currently viewed. This could potentially allow for a much quicker adoption of premium (HD and other) content over IP rather than simply keeping it locked to the cable and satelite guys.

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