Apple Confirms Intel rumors

apple intel?Steve Jobs opened the WWDC 2005 conference by saying “Today is an important day” Accurate as that statement was; it belied the bomb shell that was to come. Job’s went on to confirm the rumors that Apple will switch to Intel processors beginning in June of 2006, with the transition completed by June of 2007.

Every OS X release has been compiled for both PPC and Intel for the last 5 years, this entire WWDC 2005 presentation ran from a P4 at 3.4GHz

Job’s goes on to state the transition will be painless from a developer’s standpoint, the tools are already in place. Ok so what did we really learn, the transition to Intel processors is already underway, but what about future products?

While no specifics were mentioned I’d have to speculate that a mini running at over 3 GHz would certainly be a step in the right direction for a full fledged HTPC. Is it in the pipe-line? I think it would be safe to assume so, combine this with an advanced ATI GPU and now we’re really talking. Viva la Mac.

Apple Press Release:
Intel Press release:


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