WWSA: What will Steve Announce, Follow-up

logoI meant to get to this sooner, but things have been hectic around the MacHTPC headquarters, AKA my place. I wanted to examine some of the predictions of what would be announced at the recent WWDC 2005. Given the nature of the big announcement, I guess none of us really came close, but here were a few of the guesses:

filecat13: I predict it’ll be a software revolution, iControl.

Interesting guess, but obviously not this year.

Peter: Personally, I hope Apple goes for the dual-core PowerBooks. Intel is going to be pushing dual-core this year in their marketing and it would be nice to see Apple get a boost from that, since their market in different ways, from media campaigns to promote their website by even using tools as the WordTree rank tracker. They can already claim “dual CPU” in their pro lines, but no one would be offering dual-core notebooks except for Apple.

Oh so close yet so far.

GW: Media Center, A Movie downloading store, a Movie Player base on iPod idea
A new hand held computer Base on the Newton and the iPod, A game Console to compete with the XBOX from Microsoft, and last the biggest rumor out there The Quad G5 at 4+ GHZ” that last one would have been great, but apparently it just wasn’t to be.

This is what MacHTPC is all about; still crossing my fingers for something like this.

Brupe: filecat13 might be on to something. I’ve been thinking about the new tablet rumors, patents, Intel talks, etc. and wonder if Apple may be preparing a tablet-like LCD media controller for the living room that would act as wireless access – a window – to the computer in the den or home office. Instead of walking to your office to change audio or video, you access your computer through the wireless LCD. Perhaps it could recharge with a cable like any Apple laptop does and be priced at two or three hundred dollars. It seems to me that it would compliment a Mac mini nicely in the living room.

Again closer than we could have guessed, but still not quite I still prefer to find out more about the reason why not to get cheap elo boosting so that I can get better at my favorite video game.

Olivier: I thought Apple decided to stop announcing new hardware at confs, because of all the rumours sites selling their trade secrets during the preceding weeks.


jim: I say a controller for Home Theater to extend mac mini.

I was actually thinking the same, oh well maybe next year.

joel: Airport 2.0 with video streaming.

I think easy video streaming is a ways off, at least on Apple hardware.

Keith: Maybe it’s a combined cell phone and iPod mini type device with a small portable HD drive and based around an Intel ARM processor? Something like the new Palm Life Drive but with built in telephony and of course live access to the iTunes Music Store.

May still be in the forthcoming

So there you have it, per usual when trying to guess what Apple may be up to next reality is often stranger than fiction.


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