Jobs on the convergence of television and computer

apple_tvI ran across a little blurb from señor Steve that if true kind of puts a damper on the idea of a full fledged Mac HTPC. Steve Job’s is quoted as saying “I don’t think the convergence of television and computer is going to happen”.

Well hmm how to respond to that, in the most basic root sense it already has, now as to whether the average consumer will embrace it (I’m sure he was speaking to the latter) remains to be seen, but as with anything else, and Apple knows this all to well, all it takes is one killer app and consumers will flock to it.


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  1. mP Says:

    I guess he doesn’t consider a DVR a computer (UI, processor, harddrive… hmmmm). Microsoft is going this route guns blazing.

  2. R Boylin Says:

    With the big cable, satellite, and telephone providers dominating the distribution stream Steve’s in a similar situation as with cell phone services. Apple technology may get involved but there is little chance that Jobs could drive the market. Also, as with cell phones the big hardware players will keep driving the market with little room for an iPod style driver of the technology.

    As larger bandwidth becomes available for in-home distribution of HD video content their might be an opening with the computer acting as a server for various devices within the home. Apple has been active in that area with QT streaming which could well become popular in serving TV on demand. Should that happen Jobs might have a server solution for entertainment in the home. An iPod style controller device(s) might be all that is required to complete the package. An online store could enhance Apple’s services to such a solution; but a computer in every TV makes little sense for an entertainment consumption device.

  3. Jonathan Greene Says:

    He also said it was not worth entering the flash based MP3 player market as well. Shuffle / Nano anyone…

  4. Dogger Says:

    Why won’t the convergence of television and computer happen? Even though they are duplicating more and more of the same functionality? Same reason that the convergence of glove compartment and bread box never happened. Or the convergence of toaster and base heater, or of wine rack and shoe rack. Because people who actually spend some time thinking about such things realise that convergence is driven by similar usage conditions, NOT by similar functions. For evidence count all of the functionally duplicative items in your home and wonder why they aren’t all one device. And for bonus points wonder why you don’t run a billion dollar tech company. You’ll all figure it out eventually.

  5. bill Says:

    how about th video ipod soon to come next year……? Steve always loved reverse psyc.

  6. kendrick arnett Says:

    Based on the release of iTunes 6, through which Apple is selling current and past episodes of ABC and Disney shows for $1.99, in conjunction with a video-capable iPod, I think it’s safe to say that Jobs has a vested interest in the convergence of television and computers. 🙂

  7. Dave Says:

    There’s no interest out there in a video iPod

    Flash memory is not the right solution for an MP3 Player

    You don’t need a multi-button mouse with your Mac

    PowerPC blows the doors off Intel

    Sometimes says shit that may not be what he thinks next year… or even next week. This quote is a non-story.

    Besides, MY Mac and MY television have *already* come together, thanks to the EyeTV 500.

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