maccontrolmaccontrol offers quite a bit more than the average remote-control but then again there’s nothing average about the maccontrol.

The remote features Wi-Fi connectivity, a 2” LCD screen, auto-discovery of you Mac’s settings and functions via Bonjour, 4 independent infra-red control ports and the ability to stream program guide information and RSS data directly to the remote.

Now for the bad news, it’s not available yet. Pegasus Wireless has signed a letter of intent to acquire maccontrol’s product line, so hopefully we’ll hear more about the product in the near future.

The Pegasus Wireless letter of intent was dated March 10th, it would be a shame for such an innovative product to fall by the wayside.


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  1. Kyle Killion Says:

    Thank you for the great write up, hopefully the maccontrol remote can become a part of your HTPC setup.

    The Pegasus deal has effected our manufacturing schedule, but it hasn’t effected our drive to get the maccontrol connector and remote in the hands of our customers.

    We will have some announcements at the end of this month that I hope you will like.

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