distantDVD now with movie trailers!

distantDVD version 0.05b with movie trailer support is now available for download. The addition of trailers to this already impressive VIDEO_TS launcher, make the app a must see in my book.

About a week ago in my distantDVD v0.04b review I stated “if distantDVD supported movie trailers I would lock the app into my startup preferences and I wouldn’t ever have need to see my desktop again, baring the occasional maintenance.”

20 minutes ago I did just that. distantDVD is now my default launch app and barring any unforeseen killer app coming down the pipeline, it will remain so.

Other changes in 0.05b include: Improved error capture, DMG, ISO, & IMG support, and distantDVD now remains on after media is launched.

Tom is really doing a great job with distantDVD and I want to publicly congratulate him on all his hard work.

I’ve included a few screen shots from version 0.05b:

Main Interface




4 Responses to “distantDVD now with movie trailers!”

  1. rY. Says:

    Yes, it’s the missing link!!

    I’m just holding out for a “lo-rez” version, since I’m one of those poor shlubs who’s still slumming it in standard-def with my mini.

    (I’ve submitted 640×480 as a feature request, too..)

  2. henning Says:

    So how do you get movie trailers with this? Will it go to Apple’s QuickTime site and download 1280 x 720 trailers for viewing?

    I ask because I’m getting a MacBook and might like to give this app a whirl.

  3. B.Greenway Says:

    Basicaly you click ‘Trailers’ and then click on the one you want to see, that’s pretty much it.

    The trailers it grabs aren’t super high resolution, this is more of an immediate see it now type of thing. Trailers of that size would take a while to load in. Overall they look “good” but certainly not HD. Although I see no reason Tom couldn’t work in access to those HD trailers as well.

    Front row and MediaCentral on the other will give you resolution options but as FrontRow doesn’t do VIDEO_TS files and MediaCentral is overall less stable than didstantDVD, I ultimately settled on distantDVD.

  4. Tom Says:

    The xml feed distantDVD uses is…


    Trailers are fairly low res, for quicker download times and hopefully ‘instant on’ for most people. A choice of resolutions is something I’ll look into.

    Thanks for all the feedback 🙂


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