RF remote for FrontRow

Keyspan RF Remote
If like me you found that your Keyspan Express remote suffered from poor line of sight communication to the receiver, Keyspan now offers an RF based remote that just might solve your usability problems.

The RF remote for FrontRow uses you guessed it RF (radio frequency) instead of infra-red, making it much more forgiving in systems where a direct line if sight to the base unit isn’t an option.

The remote features a 9 button design that allows you to control Front Row, adjust volume, eject a DVD/CD, put the Mac to sleep and wake it up.


3 Responses to “RF remote for FrontRow”

  1. Dan Grassi Says:

    The remote is very unreliable and unusable at distances of about six feet. Interestingly the Air Click is rliable but lacks a dedicated menu button.

  2. B.Greenway Says:

    Odd mine works like a champ with a mini that’s 12 feet behind my sitting position.

  3. Keyspan Support Says:

    Hi Dan,

    (This is tech support from Keyspan)

    I suspect that you may either have:

    1) a bad remote/receiver combo

    2) RF interference in your environment

    We could do an exchange for you to rule out the remove. We typically don’t hear about bad remotes/receivers but it can happen.

    Please contact our support department at:


    So we can resolve this issue for you.

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