Mac mini DVR from Miglia Technology

TVMaxI have to admit, ever since I got a HD-DVR from Comcast I haven’t really felt the need to pursue DVR functionality from my mini, but for those of you interested in just such a device Miglia has announce the TVMax.

One feature that’s nice to see in any TV/DVR add-on for the mini is hardware acceleration and I’m happy to report that it’s present in the TVMax. However keep in mind the TVMax is analog off-air and cable only, no HDTV support here.

Key Features:

Watch, pause, rewind and skip forward Live TV, time-shift on your Mac.

Record and edit your favorite shows with our built in EPG (Electronic Program Guide).

One click Apple iPod (writes directly to iTunes) or Sony PSP export.

Hardware compression to MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX

Convert VHS and Hi8 tapes to DVD, TVMax doubles as a video converter.

TVMax comes bundled with EyeTV 2.0 and will retail for $249.

TVMax product page.


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