Mac mini vs. Media Center Mini Edition

mce miniSo S1Digital intoduced a windows MCE based ‘mini’ computer eh? I noticed quite a bit of buzz on this thing yesterday and wanted to look into it.

The first thing I noticed is that the er I’m not typing out that long ass name every time, what should I call this thing, ok I got it.

the S1 MCE Mini sells for $1200 smackers, a direct comparison to a Mac mini isnt really possible as the base price on the better mini is $799 but for kicks I’ll add some extras to the mini to see if we can get one up that high.

Ok let’s compare the Mac mini and S1 MCE Mini:

Apple Mac mini

1.66GHz Intel Core Duo
1GB 667 DDR2 SDRAM – 2×512
80GB Serial ATA hard drive
SuperDrive 8x (DVD+R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW)
Built-in AirPort Extreme and Bluetooth 2.0
Apple Remote
Mac OS X with Front Row
Grand total before tax shipping and blood sample: $899.00

S1Digital Media Center Mini Edition

Intel 1.66GHz Core Duo
80GB SATA Hard Drive
DVD+/-RW drive
Optional Internal 802.11b/g WiFi
Optional Remote Control
Microsoft Media Center Edition 2005
Grand total before tax shipping and joining the dark side: $1,200.00



2 Responses to “Mac mini vs. Media Center Mini Edition”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Good review. I was wondering what your thoughts and comparison are to the recent article on hdbeatcom (
    Move over Mac Mini: It’s the Blueado m5e Sport

    The unit is $1999. I tried to do some comparisons myself but it’s not really easy.

    What do you think?


  2. Brian Says:

    You can get a Mac mini, XP MCE software, and a few tuners for the same price as that S1, plus you’re able to dual-boot to whatever suits your fancy for the week.

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