iTunes Goes to the Movies?

film reelFor quite some time now we’ve speculated on Apple delivering movies via iTunes, to be quite honest if the reports from Variety and Think Secret pan out to be true, I’m not sure I even care anymore.

The thought of paying anywhere from $9.99 to $19.99 for what is in essence just a Quicktime file of a film, that I could otherwise rent for $4.00 doesn’t exactly strike me as a killer app.

Although I have to admit some of Apple’s 480p trailers look quite nice on my 80″ screen via my mini but I would be very surprised if Hollywood allows video of this quality out in a file format as portable as Quicktime, even with stringent DRM attached.

As with everything else Apple, time will tell, I just hope that they manage to bring something new to the table, or at the very least a compelling price point.


2 Responses to “iTunes Goes to the Movies?”

  1. teradome Says:

    I recently blogged about this (right as the news hit, oddly enough) as well, but the summary was that the price points the studios are talking about are way too high and they are looking at this as too much of an end product in and of itself.

    Your comment points out exactly the problem — They just be positioning this somewhere between new release and rental, and be looking at this as something that helps complement the experience of their new movie releases.

  2. Bj Says:

    I agree, but then you own it and dont have to return it at the end of the lease.

    Hope they deliver the movie “option” soon because then they need to upgrade FrontRow, but I dont think i’ll be satisfied with it until FrontRow v 3.0

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