Here we go again “AppleVision”

apple_tvLike I’ve always said, all Apple rumors are nothing more than hilarious fabrications, that is until Steve holds one up on stage and people say ‘oh I guess that ones real’.

The latest in the long line of Apple rumors involves the ever popular “Apple in the living room” theory that includes “an IP/video set-top box that will bring the Internet and video downloads directly to the TV” according to Information Week.

Josh Bernoff, an analyst at Forrester Research even went as far as dubbing the mysterious device “AppleVision”, but it definitely won’t be this “AppleVision” skeptical? So am I.

Bernoff goes on to describe the box as including “digital video recording (DVR) capabilities that would make it an effective Tivo killer” as well having the ability to download content directly to the box, for playback on televisions.

Consider me unconvinced, at least until Steve holds one up…


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