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MediaCentral I nearly titled this post ‘MediaCentral updated to 2.0 and equinux loses a potential customer’ but as of today equinux again offers version 1.2.1 of MediaCentral for download, why is this important?

Long story short MediaCentral 2.0 (now $29.95) only offers a 5 minute demo of the software and overwrites your previous version. Once I realized this I of course immediately tried to find my 1.2.1.dmg but to no avail.

equinux didn’t have the older version available for download over the weekend so I was stuck with the proposition of paying $29.95 for something that I (1) didn’t know was worth the upgrade and (2) had no way of verifying all the functions mentioned, actually worked.

I find it a bit disconcerting that no warning of the 5 minute “demo” was mentioned before my files were overwritten, but that’s neither here nor there.

For those of you that go ahead and pay-to-play for version 2.0, please give us your thoughts, apparently they updated several functions. In the mean time I’ll carry on enjoying distantDVD.


5 Responses to “MediaCentral 2.0”

  1. Jon Says:

    Got it, bought it – it’s uhm .. interesting. IMHO this is what version 1.2 should have been and then 2.0 without the numerous bugs and idiosyncracies.

    Having said that it has set me forth on the path to explore the iptv availale out there a little more frequently (with the aim to completely get rid of my pay tv asap).

  2. O.I. Says:

    I’m actually very interested as well, and the 5 minute demo is more than a little absurd. How on earth is 5 minutes enough to verify if you would like to purchase a program with so many potential features (and problems)?

    I paid the 15 bucks to register for distantDVD and it’s been working pretty well, especially since I only use it in my bedroom and not on my main TV.

  3. Joe Says:

    I tried the demo. Nice feature set, but way too slow for a PPC Mac mini. High quality movies that play fine in Front Row and other media center software packages skip like crazy in Media Central. Even the Space Invaders clone was too slow to be playable.

  4. Joe Says:

    Oh, and I was testing the 2.1 release, not 2.0 mentioned here. Yes, given its slowness, the 5 minute demo mode is way too short. I had to restart it numerous times just to try everything I was interested in out, and it takes something like 20 seconds just to get past the splash screen.

  5. Ramon Ramirez Says:

    Media Central is unbearably slow if you have a large music collection, I have over 4000 albums and wanted a substitute for Front Row since my old mini does not run Front Row. I paid or it, and now find it painful to load the music catalog from iTunes and slow in navigation. An alias of my iTunes music folder to the software’s My Music folder helped, but then I only get to browse by artist. Not worth the money if you have a large music collection.

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