Evergreen’s DN-SCM81 USB Digital Audio Adaptor

evergreenThose of you with Power PC mini’s might be interested to know that yet another USB to digital audio interface has surfaced. This particular model (the Evergreen DN-SCM81) is optical out only but that might be just what the doctor ordered for those of us who still haven’t upgraded to the Intel mini’s with SPDIF out’s

Here’s the kicker, According to Engadget it retails for 2,980 Yen. (roughly $26) At that price, if I was still in the market for a USB to digital adaptor I might give it a whirl sight unseen. If any of you folks happen to try one of these be sure and give us your feedback.


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  1. David Says:

    This is also available in the UK at ebuyer for Ā£10.
    As far as i can tell though it wont do passthrough.
    audio Midi setup.app knows that its 8 channel but the Audio Output Stream is not selectable.
    If anyone knows how to make this do digital passthrough I would be very grateful

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