Apparently September 12th is Showtime

showtimeRumors of an impending update to iTunes for movie support just gained a bit of steam with an invitation to select members of the media to attend a special event, scheduled for September 12.

Obviously the invitation doesn’t spell out any specifics on what will be presented but the header image of the flyer might be telling as to the presentations subject matter.

The invitation displays a white Apple logo with the words “It’s Showtime” underneath. A dark gradient background descends from black to navy, with crisscrossing white rays evocative of the spotlights often used to draw attention to Hollywood movie premieres.

Interesting stuff, while I can’t say as I’m totally disinterested in full-length movies from Apple (especially if they look as good as the 480p movie trailers) I cant help but wonder if something along the lines of a beefed up mini to go along with this announcement isn’t in the works as well. You know my line, time will tell.


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  1. Michael Gannotti Says:

    I agree. I was hoping they were going to making a play at downloadable HD vids. From what I read they are only 640X480. I was hoping for at least 720X480

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