Say it Ain’t so Steve

miniSo by now I’m sure many if not most of you have read AppleInsider’s pontifications on the possibility that Apple may be about to shelve the mini, color me unconvinced. Obviously anything can (and usually does) happen with regard to Apple product cycles but I believe there’s a little life left in our favorite miniaturized desktop, but of course I/we can’t discount the possibility that Cupertino may not share our enthusiasm for the mini, AppleInsider cites lower margins from the units compared to iMacs and MacBooks.

If and I do stress if Apple decides the put the mini out to pasture; that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I firmly believe the mini fills rung on Apple’s product ladder that isn’t likely to disappear even if the mini proper does. Perhaps the mini could be combined with the A/V centric AppleTV transforming it into a TV Plus or maybe even a completely different, slightly more powerful SKU altogether. Who knows, but I would be surprised if Apple abandoned the $599 to $799 market altogether, we’ll see.


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  1. Aquafyre Says:

    I have been pondering the fate of the Mac Mini for a couple of weeks now and have come to the conclusion that it is going to be replaced by something even smaller.

    When you consider Apple’s innovative history, smallness has been one of the driving style features.

    Considering that the Mac Mini (it could be argued), effectively filled the gap left by the Cube from a few years before; it wouldn’t surprise me in the least, to find that Apple will introduce a slimmer model Mac Mini to replace the current one.

    My bet, is that it will have the same dimensions as the iTV (Apple TV) and will thus act as a natural addition to that product. It makes sense from the perspective, that the Apple TV, while very good, does not have DVD function or more importantly, computer function.

    So in my book, its probably going to be a case of

    ” The Mac Mini is Dead…Long live the New Mac Mini “

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