Perian 1.1 Released


Just a quick update for you codec freaks today, Perian (The Swiss Army Knife for QuickTime, not to be confused with the St. Bernard for Windows Media Player) released version 1.1 of their handy dandy little video codec application last week, some of the improvements and or additions to Perian 1.1 included:

• Major performance improvements
• TrueAudio, MP1, and DTS audio support
• Slice-based multithreaded decoding for MPEG-1/2/H.264
• Apple H.264 now handles AVCHD/interlaced video
• Compatibility fixes for QuickTime 7.4 and Leopard
• Objective-C GC compatibility
• Fixed a crash in Toast
• Better subtitle rendering
• Subtitles play during MKV loading
• Snow support
• Miscellaneous bug fixes

Excellent news on the performance improvements and DTS support as well as AVCHD/interlaced video, sounds like a nice addition to the arsenal, swing on by and check it out.


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