LEGO’s for the iPhone

Yeah as if we aren’t bombarded by enough distractions during the course of a normal day already, once this is available I may have to get time management counseling. LEGO Touch for the iPhone is (apparently) an un-launched project from Nicholas Panas of play/nyc and may very well be the iPhones first recreational killer app.


There are several different play methods within LEGO Touch, including an architect mode, games mode which includes build-offs, pals mode where you can build your own LEGO pal which serves as your avatar, a share mode that allows you to share your creations with friends and a brick-bin feature that allows you to view, add or customize all of your building blocks.

[youtube: 400 334]

This is just off the chart on the cool factor if you ask me. Now if I could just get that pesky not having an iPhone problem out of the way. Ah well it looks like I have time before LEGO Touch is available.


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